About “Gold of Venice”

“Gli Ori di Venezia” has been a world leader in making Murano glass beads for over twenty years.

Using the ancient techniques of Murano master glassmakers, ably enhanced by modern industrial tools, the company is able to make and supply the whole immense Venetian Tradition’s range of glass beads.

Beads are made swiftly, but the quality of the product is kept under scrupulous control. Companies making fashion jewellery may rely on an efficient, careful and proactive partner, thanks to the enormous range of products regularly offered by the company.

Made in Murano – Venice

“Gli Ori Di Venezia” follow only the very highest production standards, making the company a reference brand for any business that needed a constant and steady supply of this product.

For its production the company uses exclusively superior qualitĂ  Murano glass, supplied by EFFETRE SRL based in Murano Island Venice.

All “Gli Ori di Venezia” items are made by hand, and therefore not a single one is ever exactly like another. This makes every item an original, but also means that the object required may be slightly different from the way it appears in the catalogue.

Made in Murano

Lavorazione a mano

An handmade production

Magical transparencies, tones that shade off into each other, pursuing each other in a magical sequence of light and colours…. Glass is something that is incapable of leaving anyone uninterested.

“Gli Ori di Venezia” was born in a world of exclusive items, hand made, but worked according to the contemporary markets’ requirements; thus we revisit Venetian Beads and Murrine, enriching them and turning them into original jewels.

Our regular control and selection only allows the best items into the collections of “Gli Ori di Venezia”, and the most eloquent witness of this is the success the company achieved in the world’s leading gold jewellery fairs.

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